Before joining DIKTI IELTS program, I barely know this term. Well, Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary said it is

a vowel sound in which the tongue changes position to produce the sound of two vowels

In brief, this is how the sounds must be produced through your tongue and how to differentiate it with another similar sounds.

Anyway, this afternoon class played us a IELTS tutor video that provided us many tips and tricks to beat the IELTS. The speaker said one valuable tips about awareness to the spelling questions.

Which one is 8 and which one is H since they have similar sounds till today. For me, the beginner English learner, it is hard to distinguish those two letters. But, there is something bother me much. Not essential but just triggered me to imagine how the life before humankind found the alphabetical letters.

Everybody must know about W which is always spelled by “double-yu”, how to distinguish ‘W’ with ‘UU’ then?

Another bugging unnecessary question is, why ‘W’ is pronounced as ‘double-yu’? As its appearance more likely to ‘double-vi’ (VV) than ‘double-yu’ (UU).

Well, just quoting Mandy Moore song, “Someday I will know” 🙂

What is the Character Building?

Recently, I’ve got so many lesson about English of course, moreover it is life matters. I frequently hear a wisdom word that poor person is a human who work because of  money, but this is the first time I face a problem with mark and led me to similar wisdom “Stupid person is a human who study because of mark”.

I confess that I was a score-oriented student when I was an undergraduate pupil. I have been spent my time to studied, worked on a paper and did my homework neatly because I want to get a high mark. Surprisingly, I did it! It works! But, my knowledge had easily flown away from my memory by the time the end of semester.

This time, I get a chance to be a student once more, of course it is my precious moment as become a student is time to gain as much as knowledge that I want to learn. Well, this time I will be a score-oriented student again, because I have to take a good mark in an IELTS. What did I find here? many mistakes and inappropriate mark calculation happen here, even for counting an average value, they can not successfully do it.

I was unhappy to see this condition for sure, in addition the more I think about it, the more stupid I am. It is obvious that they can do count very well as they passed their graduate degree whatever their subject is. Furthermore, I was told that they did it on purpose, they miscount it because of their hidden agenda. They called it as a character building 🙂

This is an interesting term, as far as I have got, it is not character that they will build, in fact they just showed their close-minded because they did it on the wrong people. It is not the era for punishing people to rocket their motivation, well if they back to hundreds year ago, they may be true. Nowadays, I definitely say that they are just doing a character degradation, as two of my classmates were really disappointed of their score furthermore they underestimate their own capability and one of them swore not to take ‘fake‘ regular test anymore. Finally, they succeed to do something!

I missed my students in my University where my heart belong to, I never did these to them. I always keep their good motivation by giving them a ‘real‘ mark, without any decrease or increase that made by me for certain reason, because I just feel stupid as an educated person if I do that. Besides those reasons I’ve mentioned before, the most important motive is my trust towards their willingness to enroll my course is because they need it.

However, I was enriched by many lesson here and I still feel grateful for being here. I have many other good role models and new family where I can learn many beneficial life matters from, that is what I call as “The Truly Character Building” 🙂 Facing new people, new problem, different understanding from different culture.

As green as grass..

First time I looked at this place, only one word that spinning round my head “green“. As a girl who has been living in a crowd for 24 years, I wondered there is a place that really green like this village.

Yap! this is the village of my husband’s families, they all are living here indefinitely. The first morning I stayed here, I asked to my husband to take a walk with me to the paddy farm, I just want to know how it feels be inside of it and walk on bund. All that fantasies only watched in movie or pictures of a calendar, how pity I am..

This is not a dream anymore, I’ve been there once and I want to go there more frequent. Just look these pretty pictures below, and you will happily dream ever after 🙂

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The first time I visited Jogja is about 8 years ago with my Senior High School’s friends. We held a bench marking universities in several places, one of them is Jogja. At that time, I didn’t think much about the society of Jogja, I just bought plenty of snacks in Malioboro.

The next visiting is about March this year, I joined a Talent Scouting in Jambuluwuk Hotel. We arrived about 9 p.m. by train, and had a dinner with my husband in Sate Ayam Haji Mang Udin. It seems that nothing wrong with this cafe, but.. firstly, the Sate is not edible, it means that the chicken fillet are too hard to bite >.< Secondly, the price is so expensive, it cost 60.000 rupiahs per dish, so we must pay 120.000. We really not happy at that moment.

Only this hypothesis goes around to my head, “Jogjanese are different than most people think”.

We decided to rent a room in Malioboro Street, in Motel Pantes, with suitable price of course. In the last day, we went to Tamansari, Kraton, and Prambanan Temple.

In Kraton, we met a pedicab driver offered us a simple tour to four Kraton’s parts, it only costs 5.000. We took it, in the middle of journey, he keeps talking that we are so young, and we have a longer chance to do kindness to other poor people. Is sounds not good, even though the theory he just said is true, but I’m not feel convenient. I barely know him. And the second hypothesis came to my head, after he forced us to visit clothing store that we don’t want to buy.

“These people only think about money, money and money”

And finally he dumped us not in front of Kraton, but the side of it, so we must walked in the heat of sunshine back to the parking lot. I just feel sad, why are these people did everything only for 5.000, they didn’t think the sin they made just because of 5.000.

After that, we went to a famous restaurant in Jogja, suggested by my sister-in-law. Before ordering food, I just noticed that there are so many flowers in dish, nor for eat neither for good smell, but for sacrificing to have more visitors in other belief. We chose to leave that place quickly, and having dinner at McDonald.

“I swear I won’t back to this City!”

Time goes by, I tried to forget my bad experiences in Jogja and Jogjanese. Two months later, I got a good news that I selected to be a candidate person to join English Training for 6 months, freely and get paid 😀 but when I saw the city, it printed ‘Jogjakarta’. Oh no!!! Jogja again?! 6 months! nooo!!

I thought that God just let me to meet wrong person, in order to strength my opinion building. I really hope that God will meet me with the right person at this time. Aamiin.

I assume that God heard my prayers, until this time I have been lived in Jogjakarta peacefully and far away from the city center. Finally, I end with these hypotheses

“Good or bad, it depends of the person itself and not the culture or the religion/belief”
“Living far away from city center is more convenient than the close one”

🙂 🙂

Good people give you happiness, bad people give you experience, worst people give you a lesson and best people give you memories.. ~unknown source~

New family!!

As the consequences of following DIKTI English Training, I have to go far away from my heroic city to Yogyakarta for six months. Of course, at the beginning of this program, we just only want to have a good IELTS score but apparently God always make the best decisions and circumstances. He gave me a beautiful family relationship with these persons who also far away from their family in their hometown 🙂

Let’s me introduce you one by one of my new family;
– The Captain of our class: Mr. Mochammad Asmi Rizaldy, formerly he was a translator of CNN, Reuters and BBC News for TVRI, but now he has been taught English and also Head of English Laboratory in his workplace in STIE Muhammadiyah Jakarta. His pronunciation is perfect! He has British accent, if you don’t see the person while hearing his speech, you wouldn’t know that he is not native speaker. As far as I know, he has three sons and of course one wive in Jakarta 😀 he elected to be our Captain because he is the eldest and *sometimes* wisest person in our class 🙂

– The Vice Captain of our class: Mr. Amar Vijai Nasrullah, if you assume that he is from India, then you got trapped 😀 even though his middle name is Vijai, his ancestors don’t have any relationship with Indian people. He took his Bachelor Degree in Physics ITS 96 and continue to Master Degree in Physics ITB. He is the only one in our class who can turn on the LCD Projector, how incredible he is. Now, his occupation is in University Lambung Mangkurat, he still single, please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know him better, I would glad to introduce you at him :))

– Our Denstistry: Miss Erni Marlina had been traveled from Makassar to Yogyakarta only to take this class and finally meet with us 😀 She has three daughters, which is her first-born daughter very in love with pink. She already has a LOA from The University of Edinburgh, awesome. She loves singing, especially by Michael Jackson and The Beatles :))

– Another Pinky Lover: Miss Naely Muctar also from Makassar, she is an English teacher at the State Polytechnic of Makassar, as I mentioned before she is crazy about everything in pink, she is also single eh not married yet 😀

– My partner in crime: Miss Junita Duwi Purwandari, she is one year older than me, but she already has a cute son named Zaki or Aki, he is very impressive boy, I already love him before seeing him directly lho.. She also an English lecturer at Bina Sarana Informatika Jakarta, her husband is IT geek same with me, so Miss Junita doesn’t have problem to communicate with me :p she is my closest friend in here. She originally from Bangka Belitung, same with his husband.

– Our smart nurse: Miss Dyah Ika Krisnawati, she originally from Madiun but she work in Kediri. She teachs in nursing academy there, and she is a good mother, every weekend she goes home in Madiun to meet her children. Sometimes, she gave us beneficial suggestions about taking care of our health. We proud to have her in our class 🙂

– Nunung!: Miss Suyantiningsih, hahaha she very funny person, she jokes everyday and every occasion. A day without her is a boring day, everybody loves her. She is very pretty, she had her Master degree in Flinders University in 96, not surprise if she always gets the best mark among us :). She teaches in Yogyakarta State University, she has one son and one daughter.

Here I enclose the picture of them all 🙂

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My First Day!

Okay, this is the first day I learn English in PPB UGM. First impression, not bad and not good enough, I still feel bored, not only me actually, my friend in ITB told me so.

The most interesting part is listening comprehension session, because the tutor played a recording cassette mp3 files, and I think that I have the best of hearing words, just because I often hear an English song/movie through ear plug without any subtitle.

The result is… I got score 50!! How could it be? Yes because may be I over confident so I often misheard singular/plural word or the two words that have same sound (what does it called?)

And one more thing is there are three English lecturers in my class, one of them is in English literacy major, so they have difference level with me, who usually listen slank English conversation through the song or movie >.<

After the class finished, I went home and listened two English song and practice by myself, voila! this is the result 😀

DSC_1843 DSC_1842

But its okay, there so much I have learned today 🙂
– Do not over-confident!
– Meet some new people will open your knowledge and sense of feeling 🙂
– Practice make perfect! (I think you already hear it in many ways before)

The worst part happened today is two tutors think that I am a Junior High School Student 😐

First Week in Jogja

We arrived at Tugu Station at 9 pm., with a pouring rain we try to keep walking to look for a taxi. A friend of mine giving me a suggestion to rent a taxi outside the station building, because it is cheaper than the inside one.

“FK UGM pak!” my husband shout at the old man who asking us where we want to go.
“30.000 mas” I heard 80.000, but my husband asking him once more just to make sure.
“30.000?” It less than my friend’s suggestion which is about 50.000 to take us from Tugu Station to FK UGM. Finally, we chose to take the driver order, because it’s getting night and colder.

We decide to stay at Talenta 2 Hostel near FK UGM, and continue to look for a boarding room for me at tomorrow morning.
At 7am o’clock, we take a walk to PPB UGM, we surprised because at 7am the students, doctors, and lecturers are already go to campus. I just imagine 7am o’clock in Gebang and Keputih, I’m pretty sure that there only a quite road with one or two ladies bring their groceries from the nearest traditional market.

My first Institutional IELTS Test begin at 8am, it means we have less than one hour to breakfast, we carefully chose the food with a low price, because we don’t want to make the same mistake as the last time we arrived to Jogja about a month ago.

After take my test, we look for a rent room near FK UGM, we walk about 3 kilometres far away and we finally found the good and appropriate one, the closest from PPB UGM. I’m very happy, so he is.. because he can stay for maximum 3 days in my room, Alhamdulillah 😀

In the evening, we try to go by Trans Jogja, it’s very comfortable and suitable for me 🙂 clean and simple.. We go to Malioboro, and buy the most delicious lumpia we ever ate, and we have a dinner in Pempek Palembang near Mirota Kampus. Oh I’m very sad because the next day, my husband must go back to Surabaya and I have to stay alone here 😦

Anyway, I enclose my boarding room pictures below, in Jalan Kesehatan Jogjakarta 🙂 Hopefully, I could make the best part in my life here 🙂 Bismillah..

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