Hi, dear..

Hai Olaf, bagaimana kabarmu di perut?

Kemarin bunda ngintip Olaf via usg, agak nggak nyaman sih karena transvaginal 😦 tapi sekejap rasa tidak nyaman itu hilang nak, saat bunda ngelihat dengan jelas satu per satu anggota tubuhmu lengkap. Ditambah lagi gerakanmu itu nak, seakan berenang dan berlari di kolam ketuban perut bunda.

Rasa mual, muntah dan linu di tulang-tulang bunda mendadak hilang nak..

Bunda semangat lagi makan makanan bergizi, sholat tiap hari mendoakanmu dan ayah senantiasa sehat dan dalam ridhoNya..

Mungkin begini ya nak, rasa cinta ibu kepada anaknya.. padahal ini baru 11 minggu bunda memilikimu nak, belum setahun, belum 25 tahun seperti uti memiliki bunda..

Aah, tak terbayang bagaimana besar cinta uti pada bunda ya nak.. persamaan eksponensial pun mungkin tak sanggup menggambarkannya..

Bunda tak mengharapkanmu cepat-cepat besar nak, bunda akan sabar menikmati detik tiap detik kamu bergerak menggelitiki perut bunda tiap pagi atau tiap mau tidur.. bunda sabar nak, menunggu hari-hari hingga saatnya Olaf tiba ke dunia 🙂

Olaf 11 weeks

Olaf 11 weeks





Between U and Me

Dear lovely in my belly,

I still haven’t named you yet, we just call you Olaf 🙂
Yesterday, mom had a scholarship interview for my PhD in UK.
Mom doesn’t know what to do and what to answer the question. Everything has changed, dear Olaf.

All my ambitions to take higher education were converted piece by piece into educating you more in the future.
I wish I have the best choice for our lives.

and I hope, I can be the best mom for you, Olaf :*

Olaf 6 weeks

Olaf 6 weeks



As green as grass..

First time I looked at this place, only one word that spinning round my head “green“. As a girl who has been living in a crowd for 24 years, I wondered there is a place that really green like this village.

Yap! this is the village of my husband’s families, they all are living here indefinitely. The first morning I stayed here, I asked to my husband to take a walk with me to the paddy farm, I just want to know how it feels be inside of it and walk on bund. All that fantasies only watched in movie or pictures of a calendar, how pity I am..

This is not a dream anymore, I’ve been there once and I want to go there more frequent. Just look these pretty pictures below, and you will happily dream ever after 🙂

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Precious gift..

Both my parents were busy last six months ago, my father love to plan and do everything perfectly.. My mom prefer to do my peningset continually and the best she can do, I really appreciate what they have done for our wedding ceremony.
So this is their precious gift pictures for me and mamas 🙂

Peningset made by my mom and my dad’s gantt chart

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