Lovely photograph..

Lovely photograph..

This lovely blog is belong to Retno Aulia Vinarti, she was born in Bandung, West Java Province in Indonesia. Her parents raised her carefully far away from Bandung, exactly in Mojokerto, East java Province. She loves to singing, knitting and reading psychology books.

She is a truly scorpion and an ambivert, who has A Blood Type. It make her mysterious, tough and also perfectionist woman. She had a beautiful wedding ceremony at 2th November 2013, and make her officially be the one and only wife of handsome guy named Fajar Annas Susanto. What a lucky lady! 🙂

Raised in a good educational background families make her easily adapts with teaching skills, especially in a grown-up school such as college. Having an opportunity to teach in her Institute is her dreams which finally came true in the end of 2009. She is now in the middle of pursuing her PhD in the oldest University in Republic of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin. She really hopes for the best future for her family and life.

You can contact her through email [zahra_17[at]] or chatting via YM [vhyn_maniez] or looking for her teaching materials at Scribd [] or may be stalking to her tweets [@vaulia].

She really enjoys her life in this world with Islam as her guidance of life, one thing that she usually says is ‘Be different! Be you!’ 🙂


36 thoughts on “Me?

  1. mm…klo disuruh nyebutin 3 kata sifat yang mencerminkan chupine: lemot, chupu dan kekanak-kanakan…wakakakakak

  2. 2 barkah : Walaikumsalam warohmatullah wabarokatuh…

    2 kiki : woi, listku kok sek durung onok nang blogmu??? >:P gitu ngatain aku bawel huh…

  3. Hmm…

    Know me more ?

    Ya… setuju sama agung vin. Aku percaya kok email itu asli punyamu…

    haha… hijau oy… seger blognya

    Cuma numpang lewat vin :mrgreen:

  4. 2 gyl : horeee…akhirnya ada yang percaya juga itu emailku…heuheu

    2 kecap : yang sering2 cap, kejebak di blog ku :p

  5. how do you do..? its really nice to meet you…
    hows your day, vhyn…?
    (hehe,akhir2 ini kata2 tersebut sering sekali saya ucapkan)

  6. 2 phoenic05 : iki kok gak onok linknya? blog 2005 kan dhan? “:D”

    2 nyoman : huehehehe…beuh, akhirnya selesai jugaaa….heuheu

    2 irma : ciyeee…yang di belanda euy…gmn disana?

    2 icha : hehehehe….biar gak pink terus, makanya cari theme ijo…huehehehe

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