When I was lost I felt alone
You gave me light and guide me right
Through the night to where the wind blows
Years had passed by
I’m lonely low
There’s only one place that
I am sure can fix my broken hearted soul
And it’s called home
I’m going home
I’ve been away for such a long time
I’m on my way, just hope that
I’m safe in sound
It’s in my mind, home sweet home
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
Day by day, oh… you see me grow
I fight the pain, stand up again and tried everything to let go
Just to go home, I wanna go home
I’m doing fine, staying in line
The sun’s going down and I’m still high
Going up and down the hills with just my ride
I’m free and I can’t describe

Ahmad Abdul – Coming Home

This song is international level, so good. I am not surprised that Tohpati takes into account in this song (y). Tohpati is one of Indonesian great musicians.

I am his fan since I was young, yep, now I am not that young anymore. Hahaha..

Tohpati is a legend!

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