Fiction Novel

I started writing a novel since I was in junior high school. I have an imagination that (partly) mixing up with reality 🙂

Usually I pick characters based on reality, but in some extents, I adjust the personality as what I want to. Remember, I am the author of the novel, I have rights to modify the characters and stories, as it is a fiction novel.

To get some inputs of the storyline, I frequently test the storyline to my closest friend(s). She or he knows exactly what kind of fantasy that I have.

This mix-up fantasy happens when I am too busy, or too idle. Some people called it a weird brain.

I always keep my storyline in private because I admit that it is not entirely true. God, it is a fiction! of course, it is not entirely true; it (partly) describes imaginary events and people. I only publish it when I am ready.

But, now it seems that more people want to take part as characters in my fiction novel. I am so honored 🙂

P.S. Just please don’t get offended if your curiosity kills the cat.

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