My Cryptonite

is a nickname was given to me by my husband instead of honey, babe, dear, and any other romantic names. That is because he always thinks that he is a Superman (!). You know the Superman gets weaker when he gets closer to a stone from space, called Kryptonite.

But, it should be written using K instead of C. True. That’s because he feels that when I say or write something, mostly there are two kinds of message: an encrypted message, and a superficial one. People called it ambiguous; this is my defect. I took it as a defect because sometimes when people say something to me, I always think the same way, in fact, their meaning is probably only the superficial one. Thus, I need to tune this defect.

Back to the nickname, it is my honor to be called as his Cryptonite.

Yesterday, we had a video call, together with Rania. It was around 10pm in Indonesia why he suddenly asked for a video call? He explained that in recent days, Rania tapped everything that contains my photograph in his phone. Including my contact number that is saved with my photo. She even tried to make several calls. She said “mommy” and gave the phone to her grandfather.


The thing that my best friend said to me is correct. The bonding between mother and daughter is true. She knew it that I am here missing her every second.


Yesterday was windy, today is cloudy and sprinkling.
Some people love it. Am I going to love it too?
However, there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.


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