Sixth Sense

is the thing that I wish to have, but I don’t have it until now. I swear I don’t have it. Although, I believe that some other may have it, but, not me.

Reading people’s mind like in movies is ……. so cool, but, it is creepy. Some might be offended if you do it too much to them.

But, since I don’t have it, so, no one will be offended, right?

By the way, I am trying to understand why people get offended if I could read their mind. That’s because their inner thought is their privacy. Only if they say to the people, then, it is no longer private.


My brother said that this song is really me..

The Calling – Believing


“Did you forget to omit ‘r’ in the word ‘brother’?”

“No, I did it on purpose ☺️“


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