is an effective way to know what people think of you. They tend to speak honestly when the people they are talking at back do not present.

People have mouth and it is their right to use it whenever they want; talk everything to any people they choose.

But, it is actually our choice whether we want to use it for good or bad thing. Really, we are all adult now.

People have ears and it is their right to hear everything that can be heard.

It is our choice to let what people say into our head. You can ignore, you can leave, you can pretend to be cool. But, if we choose to stay and hear all those things and you are impossible to clarify them (if the things they were talking was wrong), that is our risk. That’s because they never talk to you in person, they would be highly likely to deny.

Only gentleman who admit what they were talking behind the subject.

Other benefits of eavesdropping is, we would know who is genuinely kind to us, understand us, and support us. Sometimes, we could find our twin! But, remember, they may act differently in front of us, just because they don’t want people get the wrong message.

Once or twice being the subject is okay, but one or two months (or even more), and even your best friend were talking behind you, it is miserable. It is either they don’t have load of works to do or there is something in you that needs to be changed.


Trust no one, but yourself.

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