Love Someone (2)

Found a playable chord of Love Someone – Lukas Graham! 🙂 🙂 🙂

This song has been played in my playlist for 3 days now, and today, I only tried to play this song on and on and on. It feels so good when you really like a song, you can play it, and sing along with that.

Because there are days when I like a song, but the chord is impossible not playable with my fingers, or I can’t get the match strumming pattern, or the song only suitable for plucking not strumming, or my voice type doesn’t match with the song.

But, this song really represents me. The background story of this song is the singer, Lukas Graham, expresses his love for his newborn. Besides that, in the video clip, also shows some other loves to ‘someone’ like for God, dogs, pets, siblings, parents, partners, friends, and someones who passed away before us.

It is normal when we love someone and we’re afraid to lose them. It is because the room that we have opened for them are now empty… while we expect that they are still around us.

By the way, I am good and I am happy to play this song, again and again, ^_^


Well, my big bother got irritated because I play the same song for more than a day 😐

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