Social Media

I got several messages asking why they can’t view my facebook profile, did I block them?

I still activate my facebook messenger but not the account. That’s including instagram and twitter accounts.


In Indonesia right now, we started campaign for our president election until April 2019. My friends are arguing to each other only for defending their political choice. Hoaxes and black campaigns are everywhere.

I will never let any negativity sink me in.

Another reason is because I need my focus on thesis. Classic.

And because sometimes I am an impulsive writer. I do not think too much before posting something which can be a boomerang for myself. By moving to blog, I can do drafting, reviewing, and scheduling a post until I am ready. Sometimes, I trash a post which has been reviewed many times just because it does not represents my intention anymore. Few times, I restore a post from the trash. I feel that writing in a blog is much safer and maturer.

Admittedly, I barely have audience in this blog, compared with Facebook or Instagram. I have no intention to promote or monetize this blog at all because I need this blog as a place to relieve my pain of missing Rania. Mostly, I post articles only for myself.

Ahh.. suddenly I remember about a mini series that I authored when I was in junior high school 🤣🤣🤣 my classmates or even neighboring classmates enjoyed reading it and asked me to continue writing for them. My pleasure!

I think after finishing this PhD I can author a novel. I have so much drama that is worth for a fiction novel 😅

I hope people understand if I choose to deactivate my social media because it is under my control and it is for my own sake 😄

No worries, I will be back to social media someday when the world is getting brighter.

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