A brother mine (2)

These weekends I chose to work from home instead of from lab. The reasons vary from not getting any bus transportation (when Pope Francis visit Dublin), viewing several new places to move in, until gathering with Indonesian students end up with watching “Adrift” and “Ocean’s eight” at my place today – yeah well, in the end, I left them because I really need a nap, my period cramp was too bad. I think I know now what makes me so furious these days, my period is truly coming. I hope there are no casualties :p.

So, I bring my laptop on Friday until Sunday to home.

When I am working at home, but I need a toilet-break or cook or nap, I usually left my laptop open, unlock on a desk. Then, my big bother came and typing something on my computer, download and run something that I have no idea about 😒 since he is really into networking, cybercrime, and some other stuff that make me yawn, I do feel insecure when he touches my computer without my supervision nor my permission 😂

Well, I do not hide something from him, but I just feel extra cautious.

I yelled at him while he was typing something, “what are you doing on my computer!”
He said “nothing, your computer is really slow” 😂😂😂


The slowness of my computer is a bliss for me, so he won’t bear with that, feel irritated, and leave my computer alone 😛

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