Unimportant Issue

Yesterday, I told my father-in-law that I am happy seeing a chubby cheek of Rania. It means that she can adapt very well already.

Left photo: my mother-in-law and Rania. Right photo: my father-in-law and Rania.


But then he asked for apologies to me? Why? It’s because Rania’s skin color right now is getting darker 🤣

In Indonesia, darker skin means a lower social class 😑 I know that this is completely absurd, just telling the background here why he is apologetic.

Then I replied him with, “ah that’s all right dad, as long as she is happy and healthy in physically and mentally, I don’t mind at all about her skin”.

There are so many other issues that are more important rather than preserving the skin color, really 😉

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