These days I am experiencing mood swings which more likely to affect my thesis writing. Maybe, my period is coming, I don’t know. I constantly wake up at 4-5am everyday without any reason.

Then, I took a depression test from

Taraaaaa, this is my result,


The conclusion is, I have mild major depression and dysthymia. I always thought that I have a bipolar disorder because I can cry and laugh out loud within a second. That’s creepy. I know. But the test result says that I only have a very slight bipolar disorder. Now, I can relax. I shouldn’t labelling myself with something false.

I am not surprised by the seasonal affective disorder result.

A friend asked me, what I usually do when I am not doing my works at lab to relieve my pain of missing Rania?

I do many things,

I watch movies and series.

I do writing posts in this blog.

I do pleasure reading.

I play guitar and sing along.

Some people do exercise, but that’s not me.

Some people do talking, but that’s not me.

Some people do cooking and baking, but that’s not me.

Some people do texting, but that’s not me.

I am trying to not involving other people during my stressed period because I understand that they might have different preference on doing things and could get annoyed by me.

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