A brother mine

Well, so far, I always call him as ‘big bother’ which resembles ‘big brother’ to tease him. But, he seems enjoying that nick name 😒

We are not a sweet sibling who cares for each other, but, I think he protects me well. Several times, he accompanies me to do some works on weekends in lab. I have a feeling that he does not only protect me, but he enjoys the internet on my campus 🤭

At the first time I got in elementary school, first grade, guys in the third grade gang up to ask my pocket money 😭 as I didn’t have one, I ran and cried to my mom 🤣  my mom asked my brother who was in sixth grade to meet the third-grade guys and solved the problem. The following days, they never came up again.

Well, I believe that I was so spoiled, I can’t solve my own problem 😅 even until now.

Time flies, I live with my brother in the same house, and we’re going to move out to the same apartment (again). While in return, I have to cook him his favorite food and beverages. Fine! 🤣

As our parents always say to both of us, “you only have each other, so please be nice until you two get old!”.

I think because he is very good to me, I have to rename his nickname ‘big bother’ to become…. hmm let me think 🤔 ah no, ‘big bother’ is fair enough 😂

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