The barking dogs

Do you still remember the pups that always barking on me when I walk into my apartment?

I just googled the breed name for them, I think it is more or less look like a beagle dog. Their names are ‘brownie’ and I-forgot-the-other-one (sorry!) :p

Today, when I went home, they did it again to me. I tried to keep walking but finally, I stopped and stiffed there. The owner approached me and said,

“You shouldn’t stop walking, because if you stop they think that you’re ready to play with them”
“I need to be honest with you that I am truly afraid of barking dogs. That’s why I stopped.”

He then held the-other-dog-which-I-don’t-remember-the-name and kept brownie far from me using his foot. Brownie is a very good one, he doesn’t bark unless it is triggered by the other one.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know it before”
“I am the one who should apologize, I am weird enough for being afraid with cute dogs. If I may, I want to touch the brownie, please? This will be my first time touching a dog.”
“Of course!”

We then laughed, I said goodbye to brownie, and continued my walk 🙂

I hope they won’t destroy my inner peace again, later.

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