Gerald Situmorang

is an Indonesian guitarist. Same with Tohpati, he is not popular, but I really admire him as a musician. Looking him smiling while playing guitar, and following the rhyme of his bands is more than enough to show that he is passionate and enjoy his unpopularity.

He might don’t like and don’t need a spotlight, because he’s happy enough with his life right now. His songs might not that many and popular, as I’d expected from him, he doesn’t need popularity.

Btw, who the hell I am to have an expectation from Gerald Situmorang =))

The song below is written by him, sang by Monita Tahalea, a jazz singer. I can’t stop playing this video on my youtube. The song title is Memulai Kembali (Restarted). The attached song below is the live version which is exactly the same as the recording version. One thing, I have searched all cover versions of this song and not a single one can beat the original one 😉


Memulai Kembali – Monita Tahalea

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