My relationship with a guitar is somehow complicated. The first guitar that I played is an acoustic guitar (Osmond), light-brown, nylon stringed. Well, I need to confess that it was my brother’s guitar, but since he went to college and left home, I claimed myself as the new guitar owner :p

I am a self-taught guitarist, I did not take any formal course to learn guitar. As the new beginner, the skin on my fingertips was easily peeled off. Because every time I learned a new chord, I wanted to make sure that all strings are in perfect sound by checking it one by one. My little fingers had to stand still right there, in the correct fret and string during that checking. The F, Fm, F#m chords kill me. That’s because my pointer finger has to straight up all the time the chords are played. Sometimes, I chose to avoid that killing chords by looking for the other non-killing alternatives 😉 If people say ‘beauty is pain’, I personally would say that ‘playing guitar is pain’.

At that time, I didn’t know how to use a capo or a plectrum. All I know, playing and singing along with a guitar can make me happy and cheerful all day! Regardless I played it perfectly or not =)) who cares? no body’s listening though!

In Indonesia, a female who likes to play a guitar is uncommon, this is because a guitar is commonly associated with a busker (which is usually male), uneducated, not well paid, have no permanent job, and other less preferable things that your parents can say to you or can’t make them proud of. So, when my parents gave my-brother’s-guitar-that-was-claimed-to-be-mine to my neighbor, it truly broke my heart but I never said this to them.

I pretend to be okay.

When in college, I found my friend’s guitar and played some easy chords with it. Another stereotype come again, they said that muslims do not play music or sing a song. Then, I left all of my passion about music and guitar completely from that moment on.

However, I didn’t accept that.

Guitar is an instrument.
Song is a poetry with notes.
Female is a gender.
Muslims is followers of a belief called Islam.

If people associate the guitar with female or followers of a religion, then it is waaayy to far. Guitar can’t be a gender nor a belief indicator since it is only a thing.

But, I am glad that the world is more open and better now.
Anyone can play anything they passionate to 🙂



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