I miss a place ..

I miss a place where I don’t have to think twice to buy a cup of coffee, tea, a cookie, a brunch, or a chocolate.

I miss a place where I can jump into any silly conversations without hesitating to throw any jokes and no body gets the joke.

I miss a place where I can pick any fresh vegs and smelly fish at a traditional markets by walking.

I miss a place where I can hear the Masjid prayers calling me at five times a day very loudly.

I miss a place where I can put my mask on and no one even asked why should I put it on 😂 – In Indonesia, it simply because the polluted air is not good to my lungs, but in here, I have to put it on because I have flu.. and when I put it on, it is like the whole passengers in the bus are watching me, until a very old lady asked me why I wear it loudly so everyone can hear my answer: I don’t want to spread the flu to any strangers, especially children. I just don’t like explaining my decisions to others. But, I appreciate that she asked me in person because she thought that I was not a masked muslim woman (?) – she is an usual passenger like me, so she knows how I dress almost every day.

I miss a place where I can wear no jackets, barefeet, and leave my house door open when going out.

I miss a place where I can see the sunlight all year around ☀️

Ah maybe I just got a seasonal affective disorder (SAD). No worries, I will get this done soon!

People in here just keep saying that I have to be happy and embrace all these things because this is an unusual experience as Indonesian. I do, believe me I do 😅 can’t someone survive and miss her/his home at once? 😂


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