My first proper snow


It is extremely cold.

Every time I tell my supervisor that I am happy to see some snow and expecting snow in Dublin since it is impossible in Indonesia, she always reply with “that is a little chance we will have a proper snow in Dublin city. Only sleet which is easily melt on your hand. That is not snow.”

Fine, now we see a 10-ish cm snow at our backyard and almost everywhere in Dublin. Some have seen 17-ish cm and frozen water pipes and lights out. All transportation is disrupted and schools are closed 😁👍🏻 Grand!!

We have experienced snow at the moment 😍 and I have stopped my prayers to have a little snow. Thanks God for hearing my prayers 🙂

This might be similar with water flood in Indonesia. But, the flood cannot flow to anywhere because we have to wait until it is thawed, either by salt or by nature.

Good thing is the snow flood is not dirty and carry mice’s excrements 😝

Are we happy? Yes. But, we hope that homeless stay alive in warm shelters.

Do we enjoy this time? Yes. But, we hope there will be enough food and water for birds and squirrels out there. Rania always seek them everytime we open our curtains in the morning. She makes sure that they stay warm with their family, like written in her story books.

Do we expect to see this again someday? Yes. But maybe not in Dublin 🤣

Thanks God, we are satisfied with 3-day off and spend it well with our significant others at home 😊

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