How to get a letter of non-acquisition of Irish Citizenship?

Indonesian Embassy in London just issued a new regulation to renew Indonesian passport: a letter of non-acquisition of Irish Citizenship. This requirement is issued since we are, Indonesians, not allowed to have dual-nationality.

My husband renewed his passports less than a week ago and we have to deal with this new regulation. At first, we contacted the Citizenship Division at INIS via email to get the procedure and documents we have to complete to get this letter. Then, Mr. Tony Green replied our email and give these requirements and a questionnaire,

  • Complete this form
  • A copy of your birth certificate and certified translation if not in English
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable) and certified translation if not in English
  • A cover letter to specify the purpose of this letter, to whom these documents are sent to (Mr. Tony Green), and put your contact details on this letter

This request is free and no need to include extra envelope (I did this before and they don’t expect it). These documents should be returned to Citizenship Division, Department of Justice and Equality, Rosanna Road, Tipperary Town, E34 N566.

I can’t find these requirements and information until I asked directly to the Citizenship Division. So, I hope this article will be beneficial to whoever needs this letter.

P.S. Mr. Tony Green granted a permission to share this information or make the form downloadable and shareable. Feel free to share this.

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