This morning, my bride-to-be sister-in-law asked me how much dowry that had been given to me on my wedding day 5 years ago. Well, in Islam, the groom has to pay some amount of dowry to the bride (family) as a sign that the bride has already been taken and protected by the groom (family) since that day. The best dowry in Islam is the least amount of money or gold with some understanding not to burden the groom (family).

How much is my dowry, then?

I forgot how much in detail, but I know that I calculated carefully by myself using a certain simple summation formula. My dowry is a summary of his birthday, my birthday, and our wedding day (in mm/dd/yyyy format). I just made it up, so someday if someone or Rania asks me, I can explain to them about this. It is just a number which represents that he was made for me, and I was made for him, and we promised to be there for each other starting from our wedding day.

Now, I want to cry T.T

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