My Writing Journey

This month is my 25th month I have been in Ireland, taking a PhD journey in Computer Science and Statistics. This is not the end. I still have 11 months ahead to battle with my thesis. Ups and downs in the writing process have occurred during this 2 year. In this post, I want to give a summary of my writing process that I have been through,

The writing journey began in ICKM 2016 in Vienna. I submitted a two-page short paper in September 2016 to a doctoral consortium program at that conference. It went through a peer-review process and got accepted. But, since the short paper will not be published in the proceeding. I feel reluctant to attend the conference. Haha, the visa process takes very long time to Indonesian people and we were on a very tight budget at that time. So, I think that attending this conference is not worthy enough.

On 31st January 2017, I submitted my first full-paper to IEEE CBMS 2017. A feedback from my PhD candidacy in December 2016 was about the basic idea of my thesis. Generating risk predictions from something semi-structured that is manually built from an unstructured knowledge source might not a good idea. Hence, to test this feedback, I wrote a paper to answer that question. It went through a peer-review process, five anonymous reviewers were giving their comments about the paper and it got accepted in April 2017. Sadly, I can’t present the paper in Thessaloniki, Greece. I have to celebrate Ied in Indonesia during conference time. My supervisor did it. I missed my first opportunity to meet with other researchers to talk about my thesis.

Two months after CBMS submission, in March 2017, I submitted another paper that relates to another part of my thesis to DEXA 2017 in Lyon, France. The paper was about the algorithm that helps to convert from semi-structured knowledge representation to a risk prediction model. At that time, I personally feel that the conference was too big for my small contributions. But, I keep trying to write as bold as I can. On the submission day, my paper was listed as paper number #11513. Damn!! I was competing with thousands of other papers, I had nothing to lose with my paper. On 24th May, my paper listed as borderline paper, it means that the paper is neither rejected nor accepted. The committee said that they need one more day to make a decision about my paper. Turned out, my paper was rejected. I was okay and keep improving the algorithm.

After spending time from Ied celebration in Indonesia, I submitted a paper to ACM HealthInf 2018 Conference in Funchal-Madeira, Portugal. I knew this conference from the related work of my thesis. It was published at the same conference two years ago. I give myself to try rewriting DEXA paper with some major improvements in the algorithm. I submitted the paper on 29th August 2017. Five anonymous reviewers are satisfied with my paper and I will present it in January next year. I can’t wait for this opportunity 🙂

5 minutes ago, I just submitted another paper related to the specific form of the semi-structured knowledge representation of my thesis. I read the information about the conference, MIE 2018, and my heart melted for Gothenburg, Sweden. I want to go there!! Let’s write a paper!! But, I suddenly remembered about DEXA when I read the full-paper requirement: 5 pages maximum. DEXA was 6. I looked at the conference age, 24th. Four years younger than DEXA, five years younger than me, bhahaha… Writing this paper was the minimum friction between me and my supervisor. She just so cooperative with me during the writing process for this conference. Well, it can be two things: whether the paper is already acceptable for her standard, or I already get used to talking with her in high tensions before (during CBMS and DEXA writing process) 😀 But then, the lesson learned is writing a good thing is not the most important thing to do, it has to be good and concise. Three days before the submission day, I finished writing the whole sections and my supervisor gave minor corrections. I spent two days only for making it fit into 5 pages. It was a very good exercise to drain my emotions.

After this, I am going to write a journal article for the whole system that implements a case with complete evaluation on it. I am so motivated since this year might be my final year, I really hope that next year everything will go as my plan. Bismillah, in the name of God.

Anyway, this post is intended to remind me that this writing journey means a lot to my PhD. Furthermore, I need to be honest with myself regarding my thesis. Good or bad? Does it make any real contributions to the community or not? Do I feel satisfied or not?

At the end, this work might not be recognized by anyone, maybe, it won’t win any grants. But, the most important is, I have put my best faiths on it and this work represents me 🙂


School of Computer Science and Statistics
Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin


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