Let it go..

This article is about letting go of something that really precious and expensive. So, I do not expect any comments judging or some of your stories that would make me feel more remorse than now. Just let me write and let it rests in peace.

Two days ago, my husband was watching a football match on the TV; I was taking a dinner dish for myself and Rania was happily dancing through the videos on the Youtube. Then, Suddenly I did not hear any music from the laptop. My husband lifted the Mac up and lots of water drops from it. No! Our poor Mac had been poured by a BOTTLE OF WATER. No other suspect than a little girl who was standing next to it while holding the empty bottle. I blinked for a second hoping that it was a dream.

We rushed to take off the casing, wiped it with a paper towel and put it next to the heater overnight with upside down position. We did not try to turn it on. We googled and looked for any possible ways to recover or to delay the water reach important parts.

How about Rania?

Well, she is not that innocent, that is the fact. We tried to tell her that by pouring water onto a laptop, cell phone, TV monitor is not acceptable. It makes them not working and as a consequence, she can not play any videos on Youtube. We explained this with low voice but deeply sad expression. I believe that she does not fully understand about the explanation but it does a make her remorseful until today.

These days after that incident, in the middle of the night, she wakes up crying and pointing the laptop casing. Usually, she wakes up only asking for a drink but now she completely gets up from the bed and cries. It doubles my pain.

Yesterday, we committed to sending the laptop to Compu-B to ask for a repair service. We take all consequences without warranty because it does not cover liquid damage. Last night they sent me the diagnostic result. The important parts can not be repaired and have to be replaced. Of course, we can not afford the cost, and today we collect it without any replacement.

Sad? Of course ..

That is the most expensive thing that we’ve ever had. But, I am grateful that I am not working with that, so all of my thesis are secure.

That is the first Mac we’ve ever owned. But, I am thankful that there is no electricity on at that moment so Rania was okay, remembering that she was holding a wet empty bottle.

That is a prize from my scholarship provider. Well, fortunately, I do not have to buy it with my own dime.

Well, maybe it is a ‘forceful’ way to detach Rania from the screen and look for other activities to spend time during the day.

Or perhaps, she needs more human-human interaction than before. So, she can have better social skills and bonding with other human or creatures.

I keep listing all the good things that may happen after this incident. This broke my heart, for sure. I have to let it go and take the lesson.

It is hard for Rania too, she knows nothing about this world and I should not let her lost in her guilty feeling. She copies me, so, this post might be the best artifact to remember that the Mac ever existed. We do not know when we could revive it.

Bye Mac, rest in peace ..

(Why don’t Rania pour water on to cushion or the floor or her mini wooden farm instead?)

(Or why don’t Rania pour flour instead of water on to our laptop?)

Really? I need to clear this from my mind 🙂

*Singing No More Sad Songs – Little Mix*

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