Facts about Rania!

Oh, these sunny days make everyone in this city happily ever after like how the Cinderella and Prince Charming story ends 😀

Rania several times went to Toddler groups and she is now infected by mild flu, hopefully she will be better as soon as possible 😉 Anyway, this post records some facts about her, starting from her very beginning days living in my womb.

  • A day after taking pregnancy test and found it positive, I took her climb Padang plateau with my best colleagues.
  • We named her Olaf before we knew her gender, and changed it to Olive after doctor said that Olaf’s genital is female.
  • She was born on 17th of Ramadhan holy month which coinciding with Nuzulul Quran day.

One-day old Rania

  • At the day she was born, I was going to change her name into Qurania, but I changed my mind.
  • She got her first Tahnik, by her grandma from Lamongan 🙂
  • In BC calendar, she was born on American’s independence day.
  • Soon after her umbilical cord was cut, she was laid down on my chest and urinated my stomach instead of sucking my breast.
  • She is very calm and behave newborn, her demand when waking up in the midnight only breast milk and/or change the pants.
  • She rarely poop in daily, mostly once in 2 or 3 days. The longest strike duration was 7 days.
  • Rania has her own passport when she was 23rd day old and she did not open her eyes for a second >.<
  • Her first formal photograph for visa was taken on 30th of July 2015, which is 3 weeks after her birthday.
Rania ok

Visa Photograph

  • The second loudest and longest cry after born was the first night she stayed in Dublin.
  • Her first word is ‘headset‘, happened when her uncle gave her a headset to be played with. What a gadget-lover baby!
  • She likes almost every food I made for her, her only first rejection is rice porridge, but she eats it now in daily meal.

A never ending happiness, InsyaAllah!

This is going to be a longer list as she continuously grows and explores this world. I believe that at this moment, it is not only Rania who is growing, but also me and her daddy. To be more mature parent.

We love you, Rania!

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