Don’t stop downloading, Dad..

Last weekend, I spent my time with my mom and dad in Mojokerto, of course, not without a reason I went home. My dad asked me to fix his Ipad and Whatsapp >.<

Just like the last time my husband fixed it, it always because running out of memory. My dad’s hobby is watching and downloading old songs and videos. Then, he called us to back up and cut all mp3 files and videos to CDs. All over again.

Then suddenly this conversation went on,

Dad: Did you cut all files, Vhyn?

Vhyn: I did.

Dad: Wow, now my Ipad as light as new one!

Vhyn: (plainface) What are you going to do now, with your new Ipad?

Dad: Of course, I am going to download new songs and videos (with a happy face)

Vhyn: Oh no! stop it dad! I am tired of backing up to the CDs. This won’t ended unless you stop doing that and make your Ipad dying like 30 minutes ago 😐

Dad: But, this is my hobby, watching and listening old songs.

Vhyn: Why don’t you buy old song CDs and play it through CD player?

Dad: I can’t show it to my friends.

Vhyn: (speechless)

—– 30 minutes later —–

Vhyn saying to herself: Don’t stop downloading, Dad. I am ready to back it up until forever..



*Vhyn is crying like a baby*

3 thoughts on “Don’t stop downloading, Dad..

  1. Sooo cute! My mom is something like that… First she just wanted to text and call, then text, call and shoot pictures, then text, call, shoot and surf, and now text, call, shoot, surf and play games. Now she want the new ipad (with bigger storage capacity) for her games.

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