A movie review: The Amazing Spider-man 2

… and even if we fail, what better way is there to live …

The Amazing Spider-man 2

The Amazing Spider-man 2

This afternoon, mamas and I watched the Amazing Spider-man 2. Well, at first, I didn’t have any interest to watch the Amazing Spider-man 2 because I felt discouraged about how the Amazing Spider-man 1 was ended. He left Gwen without any reasons. Yah, he has tons of reasons but he didn’t say anything to Gwen. Okay, I will get these nagging words ended 😀

The way mamas asked me, melt my heart down (is it Ice Age title? No, it is Frozen!) and finally we were having fun together by watching this awesome movie. My head can be persuaded by him as always :p

Why I get inspired by this movie?

  1. Gwen is a young smart lady who has a strong willing to make her better and better. At the beginning of the movie, I thought they had graduated from a University because of her excellent valedictorian speech, or maybe I just underrated our high school graduates’ qualities :p After they graduated, Gwen continue her work at Oscorp (just like PLN in Indonesia I guess), but she makes her dream come true by administering a further study in Oxford. I believe that Oscorp paid their workers more than enough, but she chose to enrich her knowledge and living skill far away from her comfort zone. I appreciate her.
  2. Watching this perfect couple (a genetically talented man with a clever beautiful woman) is the best point. This might not really happened in our community, but you can call me naïve and dreaming girl because I took them as an example. I imagine they will birth a muscular genius baby in this world, hopefully the baby will also inherit a good heart of Peter or Gwen.
  3. Even American people want to school in Oxford University! The hilarious scene was at the time Gwen and Peter were having argument in front of Oxford administration desk. It was the moment Gwen should decide love and study, even though she knows what she has to choose. Peter pretended to be Professor John Hopkins from Harvard University and trying to persuade Gwen to enter their school instead of Oxford. I found no one was laughing except me (silly moment).
  4. The way Gwen died was so touching. Peter with his magnificent web cannot deny the destiny created by God.  Gwen should be dead *in the movie*, although she has a super boyfriend. Then I was thinking that Oxford Scholarship opportunity must be in a vacancy right now! Go get them!

I just re-read my writing and wondering why should I put them in a numbered order?

*V: Mamas, kira-kira film tadi sudah bisa di download belum ya?
M: Belum kayaknya, minggu depan aja tak downloadin*

Well, the handsome self-healer Peter Parker probably is the best partner for Gwen, but having Mamas beside me is the best destiny I have ever had, apart from a fact that I am not as beautiful as Gwen =))

2 thoughts on “A movie review: The Amazing Spider-man 2

  1. You are so funny! I laughed out loud at least 3 times…you have a great sense of humor and getting that in writing is an art and fine skill. Awesome. Muscular genius baby? Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! 😀 Too wonderful! Great job, Viv!

    • Wow, I love to make people laugh 🙂 you’ve motivated me a lot to be a good writer 🙂

      A thankful sentence may be not enough, but ‘thank you’ Charlotte, you made my day 😀

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