My twin nieces

Let me share you something with my nieces, *haaa

Yesterday, they visited me in Surabaya just for saying goodbye because they will be far far away from this country for a long time. Sad? Of course, we are sad. But, looking at them who are really happy to see the bright future, we believe that they surely will be fine 😀

The Lovable Achiy,

As the first-born child, she holds more responsibility to give the good example for her sister. Look at the photograph below, she already wears hijab. She has three dreams to achieve in her life: being a teacher, chef and doctor. She memorizes twenty-something surah in Al-Qur’an and keep reminds it in every situation. She loves maths and cats (i-puss) =))

Achiy: Mom, why does this time we travel by train instead of plane? We can arrive Jakarta faster than using train, right?
Mom: We want you to try all kinds of public transports dear. You have experienced plane and busway, now it is the time for you to travelling by train 🙂
Achiy: I love train!

Me: ………

The Stunning Iza,

While Achiy keep herself simple by wearing flip-flop, Iza chooses to wear socks and shoes wherever she goes. Iza is a stylish girl and she adores her sister in different way.

Iza: Waaah, aunty Maya has long hair. Mom, I want to have long hair but I want straight hair at the top and curly at the end.
Mom: Iza, you already have it now 🙂
Iza: <smile beautifully and winks her eyes>

Me: ………

See? even their mom already trained so well to keep they dream and achieve whatever good things they want 🙂 They created differently and I think we should appreciate each dissimilarity between them.

Achiy: Tepin.. (teary eyes)
Tepin: (hug)
Iza: (kiss tepin)

Good bye.. and see you very soon!

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