What a surprise of the day!

In daily, my blog is visited by 20-30 readers at most, but today it has been hit by 1.800 readers and still counting. At first, I thought my blog just being hacked by several zombies, but then I go through which post hit the most. Almost all of them are categorized in IELTS. Wow! I am even not a linguist and just shared what I have been read. It surprises me and makes my day 🙂

Mostly, they come from Asian countries but there are several English-speaking countries, now I wonder why they are still reading an Indonesian blog which has no English in my daily speaking? Then I jump into a conclusion that may be IELTS are coming these days. Haa, that makes sense because 12th – 15th of February is test days in several places. I wish you can get useful information here and this boosts my mood for sharing more and more knowledge to everybody using English 🙂

For the IELTS test takers place in wherever you are, I wish you the best mark!

IELTS Topic at most!

IELTS Topic at most!

See the difference :D

See the difference 😀

Finally, at the end of the day..

Top 10 countries.

Top 10 countries.

Ended in 3942 hits!

Ended in 3942 hits!


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