This is what I call ‘home’…

These two days, I’ve spent my time in my husband house in Lamongan. It is quite different with Surabaya, of course, but I find peaceful mind here. I asked him to visit our rice paddy fields yesterday and I am very happy to see it again and again 🙂

We have rice, beans, chicken, fish, meat and we are not afraid of food crisis.

I picked several corns directly from its plants and I was really proud because I’ve never done it before >.< After my mother in law saw me with my happy face holding only four corns, she laughed and asked me to follow her. Guess where? To the bigger corn fields and pick corn as much as I want 😀 yay!
I was expecting to boil or steam our corns but she had a better plan. She prepared much firewood inside firebox while I was tearing corns. She put our corn into firebox and I kept thinking, was it going to be popcorn? Haa.. nope, the black bulky corn was ready to serve. Really? It was so simple and effortless but the taste was priceless 😉

We don’t think that neighborhoods are our neighbors.

Yap! Everybody loves each other just like their big families. Children are playing around even sleep and eat in other houses freely. There was a moment when I visited our sick neighbor last night and they have a small chicken livestock. While my husband was having a chit-chat with the family, I walked around to their back yard and found that one chicken have many little yellow cute chicks *awww*. I sat near its cage and holding the cutest chick. The house owner knew that I was holding the chick and she offered me to have a couple of chicken. What? She picked a cock and a hen and ready to package them and gave them to me. Uwooo… Then my husband explained that we don’t have enough time in Surabaya to raise chicken and I agree with him. Despite my heart-broken feeling, I prefer letting them live happily here to bringing them with me in Surabaya 😥

We have our personal hurricane shield.

I was walking near huge bamboo trees and thinking that it was spooky and totally not beautiful scenery compared with the green rice paddy fields. I asked to my husband, why did they let them grow so high and scary people? He smiled and explained that the bamboo trees can protect villages from hurricane. It breaks the wind so the villagers still can live happily even though the hurricane comes. Wow! Then I remembered to the 101 Taipei Tower which adopted bamboo way of live to build the highest tower that can stand in any weather condition.

Please enjoy some pictures below

Home is where your heart is 🙂

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