My past relationship with books..

Yesterday, I did take a walk with my colleague to the bookshop. We shared each other stories on how deep we love books including in our childhood. Then, that moment forced me to reminisce my past days with books and magazine.

Daddy couldn’t buy you the newest magazine *sadface*

I spent several years taking vacation in Surabaya, my grandparentsโ€™ house, my dad and I loved to go to the city center of Surabaya. They call it as Tugu Pahlawan. There is a weekly market opened every Sunday Morning and become the biggest shop center for Surabaya citizen. They obviously sell everything, but the only thing that could attract my attention was just Magazine. In my childhood, there are several famous magazines such as Mentari (Sun in English) and Bobo. I always spent more time just to read it on the spot while my dad busy looking around for household equipment ๐Ÿ˜€

Then, my daddy realized that my love in reading are uncountable noun *sigh*. New magazines were costly for us at that time, but it is not my daddy if he surrenders with situations. He decided to buy 5-6 old magazines and asked the seller to repackage the cover. Of course, at that day, I was the child who had the biggest smile holding that thick books ๐Ÿ˜€ but, my smile was not last forever, one week later I found that there were some pages in my lovely books that were missing T.T

But, daddy can lend you some encyclopedias.. *bigsmile*

Another day, I was so impressed with video game, every child in my neighborhood had it. My father thought that it was not acceptable because I supposed to focus on my pre-school *even though I only go to school once in a week :p*. Then my father brought a big colorful book and gave it to me. Wow, it has many big pictures and illustrations and it only need short time to convert my passion from video game to that mysterious book. My mom was surprised too, she didn’t expect that my dad spent money so much just for buying me a book. But my dad utilize his power ID card in his office, he told my mother that he just borrowed the book using his ID card. Therefore, I had to return the book every two days and replace it with another chapter ๐Ÿ˜€

I always loved natural sciences, biology and history chapters, it was caused by the beautiful illustrations provided by that book which I have known later as encyclopedia. I could re-read it more than twice in a day and pay attention to every single detail in the illustration. At that time, I really adored the mutual relationship between Anemon and Clown fish (Nemo) and the mystery on how Maya Inca disappeared from this earth and the stories behind Stonehenge which still cannot be predicted to date. Before I went to sleep, I always told over and over again to my daddy that I want to see Stonehenge by myself not from photos.

Well, daddy couldn’t buy you the newest magazine but daddy can lend you some encyclopedias. His pride is not on buying something expensive but getting the same thing effortless ๐Ÿ™‚

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