I love the idea of being frozen..

Actually, it is in the middle of writing a module book for my next students. But, I decided to write a post first 😀 because it is worth to write, haha..

I am going to write about Frozen, at the first minutes I heard the song, I knew that it would going to many other songs in this movie, just like Tangled. But, the more I paid attention, the more I got the meaning 😦

The touchiest song for me is ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’, it was sung by Anna in front of the Elsa’s private room while she was knocking the door, asking Elsa to play with her. The little Anna didn’t know anything about the ice struck which hit her head and make several pigments grayish at her hair caused by her sibling, Elsa.

Anna needed a friend to play or just to talk with in their huge castle, furthermore, their parents which are obviously the King and the Queen of Arendelle died while they were having a trip. Anna keep knocking Elsa’s door because Elsa was the only one she can depend on. I successfully keep my tears while watching this scene..

Anna is the playful and happy girl, she finally found ‘the one’ beside Elsa. He is Prince Hans of Southern Isles. They both felt match and finished each sentences, they agreed to marry at the first time they met at the coronation day (it takes me a moment to open the dictionary, to look for what coronation does mean :p). But, just like the ordinary true love, it won’t reveal at the first sight, they must go through thick and thin in order to be called as true love.

Okay, this post is not about retelling stories, someone did it better than me, but I just want to show how deep Frozen already struck me 🙂

Conceal, don’t let it show, be a good girl

Elsa talked to herself, actually it was told by their parents in order to maintain the peace of Arendelle Kingdom. They knew that Elsa has extraordinary power than others. They are trying to push her and lock her (same with Tangled). Looking at the age of the movie setting, we can conclude that keeping someone strength won’t cause any peace and it was what the eighties parents did to their children. It will reveal anyway someday. Just let it goes and let the world knows.

Put me in summer and I’ll be a …. happy snowman!

The happy face of Olaf

The happy face of Olaf

Olaf is the snowman they built together when they were children. It had a carrot nose and totally aggressive towards new plans, even though he didn’t know what it means to him personally. Of course, when he faces summer someday, he is going to melt down and be a melted snowman bucket of water. Anna chose not to say anything about it to Olaf, but Kristoff persuaded Anna to tell him about his incredible dream. Anna was trying not to shut Olaf down by telling him that it was the impossible dream to catch. She lets anybody dreams whatever it may take in the future.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

Princess Elsa of Arendelle

Princess Elsa of Arendelle

She feels the cold. But, she pretends that she couldn’t feel it because she can freeze everything she wants. To me, it is the stabbing sentence to her, she has an unfrozen heart but she chose to freeze her heart and didn’t feel the cold. She was trying to shut the cold out.

Love will thaw the frozen heart

This quote is totally obvious, everybody knows it. But when love was shown by Elsa to Anna and vice versa, it touches the deepest heart of mine that love isn’t only shown by couples, but also siblings, parents and friends. A simple sentence but it is nearly forgotten to these days’ movies.

Some people are worth melting for



Another sentimental sentence, well everybody should find who are the people they worth melting for. The right one which Anna called it true love. It doesn’t have to know every single detail of them, just make sure that they will take a bullet for you and so do you. Sometimes, they don’t have to show any similarities with you or finish each other’s’ sentences sandwiches.

Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman..
Go away Anna!
Okay, bye.. *sadface

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