How I miss you :D

I suddenly remember what my friend and I argued about..

Vhyn: June, please swap the ear plug, you use it wrongly.

June: Why should I?

Vhyn: Because it is written L for the Left ear and R for the Right ear.

June: I didn’t see any different or something wrong when I use my right ear to use L one.

Vhyn: But, it has to mean something if they built them like that. All ear plugs have L and R notations.

June: I have never noticed it.

Vhyn: But now you notice it.

June: Still, I don’t feel anything important in what we are arguing for.

Vhyn: Just try using L or R only, you will find the difference.

June: (Switching the ear plug) No difference at all.

Vhyn: It has to be.


*I bet she has already forgotten this moment 😐 

Hihihi, how I miss my sister in bone Junita, she is a good mom and also friend πŸ™‚ And the most important thing is, she has completely different sense and body shape with mine which complete me just like mamas always does.

June and Me

June and Me

Luv u June :-*

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