Once upon a time in 1993

A boy trained so hard to read Arabic sentence by his father.
Father: you should repeat it once again, son.
Boy: [read it aloud]

Then, a lil girl, a younger sister of the boy listened carefully what her brother and father said. She whispered something to her dad.
Girl: dad, I want to read that book. I want to be a clever child like him. Please teach me..
Father: you better try this first πŸ™‚ [dad gave an Indonesian story book]
Girl: but this is different with brother’s book.
Brother: you have to learn step by step, read that book first, later when you are in the same age with me, you can read my book.
Girl: [surrender and read it with the same tone like her brother]

The brother then felt annoyed by the loud voice of his sister.
Boy: hey, can you lower your voice? you have distracted my focuses.
Girl: I wasn’t distracted by yours so it was ur problem. [continuing read the story book]
Father: [smiled] you are a good girl who always wants to study more and more. Father feels proud of you, let read this once again with a lower voice. Okay?
Girl: yes dad πŸ˜€

I suddenly remember this moment when we were in Jakarta. Dad always supports us to learn something new and never says a bad thing towards his children. That is because he knows that good words will be a good manifest and hope to everyone.

So, everybody [including me] please say good things and motivating sentences instead of bad and pressing words even though it is just a joke πŸ™‚


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