How to get ISBN for your publication

ISBN as the well-known identifier for any kind publications is an important number for your book/proceeding. Sometimes, we don’t know how to get it but actually it is as easy as pie 🙂

FIrstly, please prepare some documents related to your proceeding. These documents are:

  • letter of statement which can be downloaded through this site.
  • petition signed by your Head of Department
  • table of content (has not to be perfect or final one)
  • cover page (has not to be perfect or final one)
  • page which contain editor names (must be final one)
  • page which contain publisher name (must be final one)
  • accredited certificate as a replacement of institutional/university eligibility proof

After having those documents, you can fill in this page to register yourself as a publisher because mostly proceeding issued by conference that organized by departments of universities, thus, you have to register your department in advance. For completing this page, letter of statement and accredited certificate will be needed.

Registering the publisher takes three days but if you are in hurry, you can call them through their phone number (021) 929 209 79 and be prepared for the worst (haha). Just be patient if they get mad to you :p all you can do is just be calm and forget all things they have done to you 😀

If they find something missing from your document, they will call your phone just to ask you to phone them back 😐 therefore, you must list your active number in telephone number field, better if you list your private cellphone number and your name as contact name. But, if they find your documents are perfect, they will activate your account. Yay! Please keep it mind that it is not the end 🙂 You have to remember username and password as it surely be used in next year to get another ISBN.

Fill in this link which appears as ‘Daftar ISBN’ button. Attach Petition, Cover page, page of editor names, page of publisher name and Table of Content as ONE FILE, Please do not separate it even though there is more than one upload button. After submitting your document, you must wait three days more. But, if I were you I will call them 😀 because I am inpatient person :p

They will give you some revisions and absolutely you have to revise it in order to get your ISBN.  My proceeding need two times revisions in each step (registering publisher and register ISBN) but It is okay because it is the last step before I hold my ISBN 🙂

I intended to write this post because there are several major changes in national library, I had been through facsimile process for two or three times and finally this online process and I think that the person in charge is not patient enough to tell you the steps one by one. Haha. So, in case you need ISBN just go through these processes with a big heart which is not easily cracked.

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