IELTS Speaking Skills: Basic and Additional Information

Even though, IELTS was over last week but my soul is still attached to it :p

Speaking Test is the second most challenging for me, so I noted lots about that and now I want to share it with you all 🙂 Speaking Test is divided into three sequential parts.

  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Duration 4 – 5 minutes 3 – 4 minutes 4 – 5 minutes
Level of difficulty Easy Mediocre Most challenging
Type Short Conversation (2-3 sentences) One way speech (2 minutes) with note taking (1 minute) Two way conversation related topic to Part 2.
Topic Test taker’s attribute, daily activity, preference Travelling, Favorite/Memorable Book/Activity, Government, Environment, Planning etc. General understanding or public opinion.
Correlation between 2 or 3 variables.
Story telling about past time (10 – 20 years ago) or predicting the future (10 -20 years later)
Additional Information Avoid using same verb or part of the question to answer in order to show your wide range of vocabulary. Read the question carefully, sometimes there is twisted meaning about the question. Comprehend it deeply and carefully. Don’t miss a point when having the speech. You can ask for clarification once if you do not understand the question’s meaning. You cannot do this in Part 1 or 2.

In general, the test takers need to show their abilities in:

  • Agree or disagree: I tend to agree with …
  • Assessing a special topic
  • Making a comparison: I would like to choose … than …
  • Describing a situation: Generally speaking, …
  • Making an explanation
  • Express: For me personally, …
  • Possibility and probability: Well, it might be happened in the next 15 years, …
  • Justify an opinion: In my opinion, …
  • Narrate story or experience
  • Speculation
  • Giving suggestion: I tend to say that …
  • Summarize

Besides those basic skills, there are some additional skills that preferable to demonstrate:

  • Self-correction
  • Circumlocutions: I haven’t thought about it before, let me think a moment..
  • Paraphrase
  • Ask for clarification

The latest and the most important part is pleasing perform yourself confidently, sometimes the minor errors would not be recognized or considered as ‘slips’ if you say it with confidence :p

By the way, I am waiting my score now, huhuhu.. it will be published 13 – 14 days after the test. It means about one week later from today. I wish it will contain no 5.5 sub score anymore 😀

NB: This material is taken from McGraw-Hill book and some compiled IELTS books 🙂

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