Speaking Vs Writing IELTS

Indeed, there are differences and similarities between Speaking and Writing IELTS in term of Academic test. Even though both of them are active skills, it has several points to distinguish them beside orally and written products.




Task Completion There is no Task Fulfillment in Speaking Skill, but it doesn’t mean that you can say everything to answer the question. For me, it is like you can directly or indirectly answer the question because Speaking ask us to be spontaneous and can reveal our personality in the way of our daily conversation. You have to clearly state your opinion or position through your essay. It must be in paragraphs which cohesive attached one to another.
Using idiomatic words You can use some idiomatic words properly in speaking. Not a slang one because it still academic speaking. Better to not use idiomatic words.
Speed Preferable not to speak fast but managed carefully. Speak fast can produce more words but also enlarge the possibility to make mistakes. You need to write fast, you have to address all tasks within 60 minutes and the words are counted. If you fail to fulfill the words limit, you will get penalty 😦
Sentence switching Short pause can be an indicator to switch the tone of the sentence, preferably linking words. You can also use some filler to lengthen your time. You have to use either punctuation or signpost to indicate your tone switching or introduce new idea.

Meanwhile, they also have some similarities, it sounds not fair if I only exploit their differences :p




Grammar It must be clearly spoken whether it is V3 or V2 or V1. The length and stress also must be correct.

Example: Shit or Sheet, Record (Verb) and Record (Noun), Read (V3) or Read (V1)

Spelling is one way to express the grammar. Grammar needs to be varied in writing than speaking, sometimes it is not common to use (past/present) perfect tense in speaking but it possible in writing.
Self-correction You can correct yourself while speaking, but please correct it perfectly not make it worse because they record your voice. Always spend time after you write all of task 1 and task 2 to self-correction your writing. It is about 5-6 minutes.
Less subjectivity Do not include words that require subjectivity to judge. Just like ‘bad’ and ‘good’, you can use ‘problematic’ and ‘properly’ to replace those words. Similar with Speaking.

Anyway, good luck everybody!

I’ve just looked the speaking apportionment, tomorrow I will be interviewed at noon.. Wish me luck! 😀

COlbie Caillat – I Do

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