IELTS Writing Skill: Common Errors in article use

This is based on my failure while writing too much sentences, less focus and led to more errors in article and preposition use. Yours might be different from mine, but if we have the same problems, here is tips from my English tutors and please let me know yours 🙂

Making generalizations using plural nouns

Keep asking to yourself whether you will write general statement or subjective examples. Usually general statement is written at the beginning of body paragraphs, while examples are used to complete your paragraph by giving them some details. Ex: Cars cause pollution; Cigarettes cause lung cancers. Apart from facts that there is specific cars which do not cause pollution or there is healthy cigarettes that do not cause side effects. Sometimes we should consider the majority by using generalizations with plural nouns 🙂

Single countable nouns generally require an article

The article that can be used (but not limited) to show a quantifier of nouns is a/an and the. Please use a if you mean one or any, as in an example: Most people would buy a new car if they could afford one. Sounds like general because there is ‘most people’ but the focus on that sentence is in ‘a new car’ which means only one car and it is new. Use the if you mean a specific one such as: The car that I bought last year. May be I have more than one car, but I tried to show which car I meant in that sentence by showing the time marker ‘yesterday‘. So, please use the instead of a/an.

Use the with these certain conditions

  • The noun already mentioned in previous sentence
  • It is used in ordinals: The first car I ever bought..
  • In superlatives comparison: The best car on the market..
  • Represent the only, sole or same: That is the only electric car costing less than..
  • The adjectives to show class or category of something: The wealthy could afford cars

Taken from advice and materials from books 🙂

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