What does IELTS Score represent?

This question had been bugging me so much before finally I found the answer. In case you have similar question, here is the answer πŸ™‚

Since IELTS consists of 4 tasks which are Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing in English, it will scrutinize about 4 ideas too. It requires Vocabulary, Grammar, Organization, Ideas and Arguments. Even though in the Listening and Reading which are the passive skills about comprehending English, they also have those four values. That is why, IELTS is different with TOEFL that contain specific Grammar or Structure task, because it already assess your grammar unconsciously and naturally by looking at your listening, writing and speaking task.

Vocabulary: you need to have a good range of academic words and phrases for the main IELTS topics

Grammar: you need to use accurate grammar and complex structures (relative clauses, conditionals and noun phrases)

Organization: you need to write clear, well-organized paragraph and answer that easy to follow

Ideas and Arguments: you need to make sure you have well-developed ideas, that you answer the question fully and that you give a clear point of view

The IELTS scoring system from 1 to 9 and 9 is score for native speakers. They can suggest your ability to communicate with English clearly to professor or to certain universities to fulfill their strict requirements.


Education Level

IELTS overall score

Upper – Intermediate

University Foundation Course 5 – 6


Bachelor Degree Course 6 – 6.5
Master Degree Course 6.5 – 7

Upper – Advanced

PhD Research or Working in English-speaking countries in professions that need effective communications (Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Accounting) 7 – 9

So, are we ready yet to pursue higher education abroad, especially in English-speaking countries’ Universities πŸ™‚ Well, I am pretty sure that you are ready!

Taken from Writing Skills: IELTS Advantage by Richard Brown and Lewis Richards

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