Grey’s Anatomy

I don’t know when the first time I started to addict this movie series. Generally speaking writing, they taught me about English conversation a lot :)) beginning from the advance using of English until the most rush or dirty words and specifically they also gave me some ‘other’ experience in medicines and surgeries. Friendships, Lovers, and Quarrels might be happen to them who spend time together in one huge building -Seattle Grace Hospital- but again, mostly they do not forget about their main job for saving lives, even few of them did.

I really love Lexie Grey character, so I felt super sad when at the end of Season 8 she died on a crush plane accident >.< She is not the main focus in this movie even though she has a Grey name but she just a half-blood Grey, the real Grey stil alive.

Why Lexie? because, she is not the main level star in this film, not even the second may be third level but she gave a different pattern in this movie series by her intelligence and romance. She has not to be a perfect woman like Meredith Grey or Christina Yang to attract my attention and also not making many flaws like April Kepner πŸ™‚

Anyway, I am going to watch the next Season of this movie after pausing it about a year err two years exactly. Where I have been this two years ya? I don’t have any idea =))

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