Glad you came..

The first time I heard this song was because my husband suggested me to hear this song. Sang by his favorite covering band, Boyce Avenue, but this song originally sang by The Wanted. Glad you came.

Considering only by the grammar, I thought that the ‘you’ in this song had just left the ‘I’. But, if you look thoroughly the song lyrics as a whole, the ‘you’ still beside the ‘I’. Grammar is not everything, it just helps you to understand more the time and the stress of the focus.

Let’s examine if you don’t want to analyze 😉

Glad you came

The sun goes down
The stars come out
and all that counts
is here and now
my universe will never be the same
I’m glad you came

The Simple Present Tense shows the routines whereas I’m pretty sure that they are not literally sun and stars’ orbital movement. The first two lines just express the ordinary ups and downs of life that looks so ordinary until you come.

Don’t you see the ‘came’ word? That word trapped me because it is Past Tense verb, hence I wondered is ‘you’ still beside the ‘I’ until present?

Well, I have analyzed it too deeply, I premised that ‘you’ already left ‘I’ because it is written in Past Tense not in a Present Perfect Tense.

Then suddenly I remembered what my teacher said to me that song lyrics could ignore the grammatical pattern in order to get the right rhymes. It could be wrong. But when I sang ‘I’m glad you’ve come’ instead ‘I’m glad you came’, it sounds no difference at all in articulation or rhymes.

Then, why did the song author insist using ‘came’ instead of ‘have come’?

Wise man said, please don’t stay too long in the same point when you find a riddle. Let’s continue..

You cast a spell on me
You hit me like the sky fell on me
and I decided you look well on me
So let’s go somewhere no one else can see
you and me

Look at the first two verbs: cast, hit, decided. All in the past form, but it could be tricky because they are (cast and hit) the most loyal irregular verb community, they have exactly the same spelling and pronunciation in Verb 1 and 2, so? is that Simple Present Tense or Past Tense? I wish that the subject are not ‘you’, I would be happily ever after if the subject are ‘He or She or even it’.

How about ‘let’s go’? well, as far as I know, every ‘let’s’ is always followed by Verb 1, it is not helping at all. Still stick to the question

‘is ‘you’ still beside ‘I’ until today?’

no answer so far.

Turn the lights out now
Now I’ll take you by the hand
hand you another drink
drink if you can
can you spend a little time
away from us to stay
Stay with me I can make
Make you glad you came

Voilaa, everything has never been any clearer till the ‘now’ showed up! And suddenly one question is answered and blew up. Yes! The ‘you’ still beside the ‘I’ today and by tomorrow 🙂

Only one question left, why did the author make it Past Tense ‘came’ not Present Perfect Tense?

Because ‘you’ only came once in the past, ‘you’ never left the ‘I’ since the first time ‘you’ came, then it doesn’t need repetitive sign like ‘have come’ to illustrate it. It’s really damn romantic than using ‘have come’, isn’t it? 🙂

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