Writing IELTS Part 1

In general part 1 writing, you should allocate at least four paragraphs in your essay.

First paragraph contain the paraphrase of chart title or introductory sentence that explains the graph background.

Second paragraph, opens this paragraph with general trend or majority event that simply seen at the first look at the bar chart, for example: In five of the six disciplines, males outnumbered females. Follow this sentence with supporting evidences; complete your following sentences by mentioning the ordinate (vertical) and axis (horizontal) details.

Third paragraph, choose the smart comparison to this paragraph, because it cannot simply stated for finding the differences or similarity like in the second paragraph. Point out it in a smooth way so you don’t distract the focus of the chart and don’t trouble yourself which like I always did, trying to make an impressive writing but ended up awesomely in not well coordinated summary T.T.

Last paragraph, you can sum up your chart here and you definitely could state an opinion that not related to number or details anymore but more on cross categories opinion. For example, the axis categories are Physics, Geology, Astronomy, Biology, Medicine and Veterinary and focus is gender (male and female). In the last paragraph, you can give a conclusion that men are dominating science-related while women are dominating at life sciences. Even though, you can’t find any classifications of the subjects aforementioned in axis line.

Special notes:

  • Introductory paragraph is optional but it is better to have it in your writing, some books write that the examiner will not count this word because it just a rephrased sentence or contain as part of the question. So play safe by writing more and excluding the introductory paragraph from 150 words minimum.
  • Do not give information that is not illustrated by the graph. For example, the graph only comparing the gender with the subjects list, do not give an opinion about which one is better than the other one.
  • Always look carefully at what figures represent. If they represent percentages, you must use expressions such as “large/small/higher/lower percentage”. If the figures give numbers, you can write “many/more/most/few/fewer”.


Taken from book “Writing for IELTS” written by Anneli Williams.

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