My Future Career will be a …

Yesterday I got a IELTS speaking question about what I want to be in my future career. Besides being a mom, I really want to be a skilled gardener someday, funny isn’t it?

Yeah because I found that people in this earth are no longer concern about the place where we have lived until today and may be in the future for our descendants later. Most of them only concern about technology, society or even money, may be they already forget that they can’t do all of that if this earth is dying.

That’s why I want to be a gardener who happily plants ever after with my skilled technique to keep them alive and fertilize. I always feel happy when I get new plants in my small garden. Actually, I was inspired by my mother in law, she is a truly farmer. She has a vast farming land in her town, near her house in Lamongan. My last holiday was filled with playing in her farm, ploughs the soil, seeding and gives them fertilizer. Nothing can make me happy than that moments. I even said to my husband that I want to be a farmer someday! 😀

The most interesting part is when you see a new little bud that is ready to grow up, blowing good wishes to them to survive whatever they will face, watering them and pruning the rotten leaves or branches and they bloom beautifully. They are just live in peace and give big and unseen contribution to another life (human/animal) by its fruits and oxygen they release.

I don’t know where I got this gene, may be one of my ancestors was a farmer, because it just like teaching, comes from my heart without thinking the benefits or drawbacks I will receive later. I never think how will my computer science knowledge be used in farming or how good the profits I will get.

Now, I am adding to have a vast garden besides having a library someday 🙂

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