Always win my heart :)

I don’t know why this clip always wins my heart 🙂

This is a story of a cafe girl and a gasoline boy. They were getting along together before the boy band came and ruin their love story.

Like ordinary girls who idolize a boy band in her teenager life, this cafe girl also has one.

Finally the idolized man came and broke their relationship. But, this is not the end of the clip’s story.

The girl found out that the man only got a deal with his friends to win a stranger heart, the cafe girl, for a week only.

After finding out, the girl cried and disappointed towards that man and she was no longer his big fan anymore. She came back to the gasoline boy’s workplace and hoped that he would accept her once again.

Sounds irrational and unfair towards the gasoline boy, but a true heart of boys will always win the girls’ loves.

He accepted her back and the girl promised that she won’t do a silly action anymore.

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