A letter to my students/alumnus major in Information Systems

These months I am struggling in looking for suitable professor who suitable with my research proposal. My research is in intersection between Finance, Statistics and Programming. Mostly, I found the suitable professors in Business School or Economic School not in Computing Department and then I realized the position of our subjects in the international education.

Well, some of our alumnus or even my students asking where are our expert in? Because we got business, programming and mathematics subjects in our academic transcripts. We may say that we have no expertise as we learn all of those materials but I will proudly say that we can beat them all.

Many of professors in Computer Sciences are not related to Business matters, they focus on network security, cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc., on the contrary with Information Systems, that have so many transferred professors from Economic or Business Studies even they do not taught how to make a good computer programs for decision makers. It means that we are one step ahead to our clients because we know the basic logic for computer programming. Frequently, they asked me to have a quantitative or computing background as my main supervisor then they can be optionally added if we need their suggestions.

Another fact is about statistics and mathematics (linear algebra), maybe in our department we also do not learn the basic or advance stage of them. But, we know how to practice and use statistics appropriately to hypothesis testing or just to see whether the data is good enough or not for decision-making procedures and store them in Database Management Systems. It is like having so many useful hands in one body and you should proud fight for that πŸ™‚

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

We always can see everything in both sides point of view, whether it is better or worse than the others but never let them make you down or disappoint you because we are just different πŸ™‚

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