The DIKTI English Training Program: How to apply?

As an answer to several friends who asked me how to get this program, I will happily share my story to you all 🙂

To begin with, I didn’t know at all about this English Training Program held by DIKTI. I only know that two or three my colleagues went to this program but I didn’t ask them how.

Fortunately, my lovely colleague Mrs. Feby asked me to join with her to apply this program. She said that only the one who has NIDN will be selected by this program but I haven’t that one yet.

You can see the requirements clearly on this page. If you don’t have any NIDN yet like me, just try it. Even if you do not enclose any English Certificate like me, again, just try it. It is worth to try.

After sending an email consists of your Name, Institution Letter that certifies that you are one of their lecturers issued by your Head of Department or Dean and your English score, please wait the notification about date, place and time to attend the selection program like this page.

On that day, called by ‘Talent Scouting’ program, you will be provided an accommodation and meals for two days. Please prepare yourself to take an IELTS test at the beginning. If you get above 5.5 then you may follow this English Training Program for 6 months. The announcement about English Training can be seen on this page.

P.S. it is very hard to contact with the organizer thus you have to stalk the news by yourself in DIKTI website 🙂

Good Luck!

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