Before joining DIKTI IELTS program, I barely know this term. Well, Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary said it is

a vowel sound in which the tongue changes position to produce the sound of two vowels

In brief, this is how the sounds must be produced through your tongue and how to differentiate it with another similar sounds.

Anyway, this afternoon class played us a IELTS tutor video that provided us many tips and tricks to beat the IELTS. The speaker said one valuable tips about awareness to the spelling questions.

Which one is 8 and which one is H since they have similar sounds till today. For me, the beginner English learner, it is hard to distinguish those two letters. But, there is something bother me much. Not essential but just triggered me to imagine how the life before humankind found the alphabetical letters.

Everybody must know about W which is always spelled by “double-yu”, how to distinguish ‘W’ with ‘UU’ then?

Another bugging unnecessary question is, why ‘W’ is pronounced as ‘double-yu’? As its appearance more likely to ‘double-vi’ (VV) than ‘double-yu’ (UU).

Well, just quoting Mandy Moore song, “Someday I will know” 🙂

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