Which one is the best to your life?

Yesterday, I had a unique moment with my husband which is sholat Tarawih in our masjid near my boarding house. They have a similar way to pray but in different scheme. Usually I pray in scheme 2-2-2-2 for Tarawih and 2-1/3 for Witir, different with those schemes, Tarawih in masjid here have 4-4 scheme and 3 Witir. Well, it didn’t change anything, I still a muslim and respect of all differences happening in my religion.

Even though, I am not rarely hear about ‘being different is not wrong’ but this moment just wake me up that I have to face many kinds of differences in my next stages of life. Furthermore, it is not majority who always win or considering as ‘right‘ but the most suitable with your faith is the most suitable ones 🙂

Take them with a grain of salt..

Don’t be afraid even you just ride a bicycle to crash into another trucks, sounds silly but at least you are not dead fish following river’s streams..

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