What is the Character Building?

Recently, I’ve got so many lesson about English of course, moreover it is life matters. I frequently hear a wisdom word that poor person is a human who work because of  money, but this is the first time I face a problem with mark and led me to similar wisdom “Stupid person is a human who study because of mark”.

I confess that I was a score-oriented student when I was an undergraduate pupil. I have been spent my time to studied, worked on a paper and did my homework neatly because I want to get a high mark. Surprisingly, I did it! It works! But, my knowledge had easily flown away from my memory by the time the end of semester.

This time, I get a chance to be a student once more, of course it is my precious moment as become a student is time to gain as much as knowledge that I want to learn. Well, this time I will be a score-oriented student again, because I have to take a good mark in an IELTS. What did I find here? many mistakes and inappropriate mark calculation happen here, even for counting an average value, they can not successfully do it.

I was unhappy to see this condition for sure, in addition the more I think about it, the more stupid I am. It is obvious that they can do count very well as they passed their graduate degree whatever their subject is. Furthermore, I was told that they did it on purpose, they miscount it because of their hidden agenda. They called it as a character building 🙂

This is an interesting term, as far as I have got, it is not character that they will build, in fact they just showed their close-minded because they did it on the wrong people. It is not the era for punishing people to rocket their motivation, well if they back to hundreds year ago, they may be true. Nowadays, I definitely say that they are just doing a character degradation, as two of my classmates were really disappointed of their score furthermore they underestimate their own capability and one of them swore not to take ‘fake‘ regular test anymore. Finally, they succeed to do something!

I missed my students in my University where my heart belong to, I never did these to them. I always keep their good motivation by giving them a ‘real‘ mark, without any decrease or increase that made by me for certain reason, because I just feel stupid as an educated person if I do that. Besides those reasons I’ve mentioned before, the most important motive is my trust towards their willingness to enroll my course is because they need it.

However, I was enriched by many lesson here and I still feel grateful for being here. I have many other good role models and new family where I can learn many beneficial life matters from, that is what I call as “The Truly Character Building” 🙂 Facing new people, new problem, different understanding from different culture.

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