IELTS Listening Tips and Tricks: Rephrasing and Keywords

Section 2/3/4 are more difficult than the first one, usually they are in multiple choice question or fill in the blank form. Rephrasing and Finding keywords are two useful tricks to beat them.

  • Rephrasing

Most of the answers in section 2/3/4 is not exactly in the same sentence patterns between the recording and the question sheets.

Example Section 2:

You will hear “Set in a quite residential area on the attractive outskirts of Belford, about three miles from the city center, the Bridge Hotel is a popular choice for conference”

The question sheet is written “The Bridge Hotel is located in”
A. the city centre
B. the country
C. the suburbs

Please always remember that IELTS is quite tricky, besides that the section 2/3/4 are different than section 1. You should not as easy as pie write the answer based on what you’ve heard from recording. Even though you heard ‘city center‘ but please pay attention to the word ‘outskirt‘. It does mean that The Bridge Hotel is not located in city centre, but the edge of the town.
So, we should pick the ‘suburbs‘ instead of ‘city centre’ as our answer, even we do not hear any word sounds like ‘suburbs’.


  • Keywords

This tips is based on my friend’s suggestion, she has more capability to remember keywords than me. She finds it useful to answer any kind of questions in Reading or Listening skill.

Keywords are the contraction of the question, you can pick more than one word to help you remind what the question means. The selection of the words are depend on the users’ preference, so it can be more than one variation of keywords selection.

Example Section 3:

“Why does Harry want to involve the other students at the end of the presentation?”

Keywords by Person 1: Why, Harry, involve, end
Keywords by Person 2: Harry, involve, presentation

Comprehending the question itself is a powerful trick before you decide what your keywords are. So you won’t misled by the keywords that you’ve picked by yourself πŸ˜€

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