Why should I take a higher education?

This question has been questioned to every woman when they decided to take a higher education of herself. Why did you take a master degree? I simply said that I want to be a lecturer of undergraduate students. Everyone will stop asking me that annoying question.

But now, that similar question came once more, why should you take doctoral degree? you still can teach your student with your master degree. Well, they are not entirely wrong, I have no further career obsession, for example a professor. Being a professor is the last thing I will consider in my life. For being a mom? every woman will be a mom for their children, they must not take a PhD study to be a mom, right?

Why should I?

Let’s us list the disadvantages of taking PhD study, as they said to me..
– Getting far away from my families
– Spend more money
– Spend more emotional feeling
– Spend more time
– No guarantee to be successful in further life

So, why should I? I have no specific reason to take it. People may judge me as a hilarious girl who dreamed to high, question and make jokes with my teaching method in my class. All of they done will just boost my energy more than ever, to be greater than before ^_^V

As I know they didn’t expect any of your answers, they are questioning not truly asking and having a good discussion with you. So, you don’t have to explain your answer to them just like an Apple Founder said “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

P.S. Anyway, thank you for boosting my energy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why should I take a higher education?

  1. Perhaps, to provide greater *value* to the students.
    *value*: knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, experience, stories, energy, etc etc..
    to generate greater contribution for bla bla bla .. (maap, imajinasi dan kosakata terbatas.. hehe)

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